How Invested Are You, in Your Community?

Community ties are a good thing, right? The New Year is always a natural time to reflect on our goals and lives, so I’m going to get a little philosophical with this column—but applied to Adams County of course! I was reflecting on the word [...]

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Press Release: Alliance Announces New Spark Loan Program for Adams County Small Businesses

The composition of Adams County’s business community is 99.9% small businesses, and are eligible to apply for Spark Loans, a new program available to Adams County small businesses through Adams Economic Alliance. GETTYSBURG, PA (November 10, 2023) – Adams County’s small businesses are invited [...]

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Recognizing Veterans, Celebrating VAN

As we approach Veterans Day, there’s a lot to celebrate. Certainly, our veterans themselves are worthy of our recognition and gratitude. And in Adams County, there’s a growing grassroots movement known as VAN that is acting upon their gratitude and making real strides to help [...]

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Press Release: Adams-York Manufacturer Expands, Powered by Low-Interest Alliance Loan

GETTYSBURG, PA (October 27, 2023) – Adams and York County-based manufacturer Covington Plastic Molding recently expanded by purchasing its third facility—a $1.39 million property in West York, financed in part by a $595,000 low-interest loan arranged through Adams Economic Alliance and the state’s Pennsylvania Industrial [...]

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100% of Adams Countians Agree

It’s not often—and that’s an understatement—that you ask a question, and everyone agrees on the answer. In this day and age, is anything “unanimous” anymore? Yes—apparently, we have found a unicorn! Findings from the Adams County Broadband Task Force were recently released, and 100% [...]

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Press Release: Alliance Celebrates “National Farmer’s Day” by Facilitating Two Loans to Local Farmers, Releasing Agribusiness Report

GETTYSBURG, PA (October 11, 2023) – Two low-interest loans facilitated by Adams Economic Alliance will allow local farmers to expand their agricultural operations, as we recognize the contributions of the ag industry via National Farmer’s Day on October 12. Additionally, the Alliance concluded and released [...]

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Think of Us as Economic Allies

What do you think of, when you hear the word “alliance?” I enjoy turning to the dictionary on occasion, to refresh or reset my understanding of words. Today, I decided to look up the definition of our organization’s one-word name, “the alliance.” Here’s what [...]

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Dishing the Dirt: It’s Part of the Process

There it was, front page, top of the fold. What placement! Gleaming gold shovels and the requisite hard hat photograph. Big smiles from everyone. I wonder what they’re building… I intend to find out! But, here’s “the dirt.” By the time you see shovels [...]

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You are invited to partner with AEA as an investor. Partner with your local Certified Economic Development Organization to support business retention, expansion and attraction efforts in Adams County. AEA provides support to local businesses through a knowledge base of service providers, financing programs, economic development tools and connections.

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