Spring Cleaning at the Gettysburg Foundry

Former CM Metals Gettysburg Foundry property, Cumberland Township, Adams County Brooms, sweeping out the corners of our homes. Curtains, freshly washed and rehung. Spring cleaning is a time to open the windows, let in spring breezes and rid our homes of winter’s dust. Here at [...]

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How to Hit the “Reset” Button on the Workforce

Workforce development is top of mind for many people in this current economic climate. All industries are feeling the stress of the lack of workers. Where did they go? While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer or quick fix—here’s one probable cause, as well as a [...]

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July 20: You’re Invited to a Community Celebration

I’ve been thinking a lot about energy these days. During the summer, who hasn’t witnessed the flashes of lightning, the rumbles of thunder, and the tremendous energy of a thunderstorm? And who isn’t grateful for the energy that powers air conditioning during these hot summer [...]

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Introducing Brady Rodgers

I’ve recently become aware of a unique phenomenon that exists within today’s workplace. For the first time in history, five generations can be found working side-by-side. Much of the research and subsequent reports focus on the differences that exist in thought and behavior, the “unconscious [...]

Agriculture, Preservation & Economic Development: Unlikely Partners? Not at All—and Here’s Why.

Can you say, “agriculture, preservation, and economic development” in the same breath? Or does it sound like one of those classic “pick the one that doesn’t belong” puzzles? As someone who’s devoted her entire career to economic development, I’m happy to devote this column to [...]

SEWN: A Partner We Don’t Recognize Enough

Partnering is what we do. It’s like connecting the dots—connecting Adams County business leaders with local, state and national providers who can help them in some way, which in turn generates economic growth for the county. It’s a win-win. But there’s one provider or partner [...]

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Calling on the Community to Rally, Educationally

Adams County is currently in a deficit. No, I’m not talking about a financial deficit—I’m talking about an educational deficit that is affecting our kids, our communities, and our workforce. What is this educational deficit? It’s Adams County’s lack of a career and technical center [...]

Press Release: Alliance Announces Restructured ACEDC Board

GETTYSBURG, PA (February 10, 2022) – Peter Martin is the newly-appointed chair of Adams Economic Alliance’s 19-member Adams County Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC) board of directors, following the organization’s monthly meeting on Thursday, February 10. Martin, developer and manager of Amblebrook at Gettysburg, replaces Michael [...]

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