Why Leaving—but also Returning to—Adams County Is Essential

Sometimes you just have to leave Adams County. No, I’m not advocating for people to permanently leave our fantastic county where quality of life is second-to-none. But let me explain… Leaving the county for training, conferences and other forms of enrichment helps me gain perspective, [...]

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Press Release: Public Input Needed, for Future of Cross Keys Corridor

The Adams County Transportation Planning Organization (ACTPO) in partnership with PennDOT and local municipalities, has launched an online survey to gather public comment as it advances its work on a study of the PA 94 corridor. The study area includes State Route 94 between Dicks [...]

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Spring Cleaning at the Gettysburg Foundry

Former CM Metals Gettysburg Foundry property, Cumberland Township, Adams County Brooms, sweeping out the corners of our homes. Curtains, freshly washed and rehung. Spring cleaning is a time to open the windows, let in spring breezes and rid our homes of winter’s dust. Here at [...]

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Press Release: New Oxford Child Care Center Expansion Funding Facilitated, in Part, by the Alliance

GETTYSBURG, PA (March 7, 2024) – Little Life Enrichment Center, New Oxford, recently completed an $855,000 expansion to serve additional Adams County families through child care, aided by a low-interest $400,000 state loan facilitated by Adams Economic Alliance. The loan, processed through the Alliance’s Adams [...]

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Alliance Success—in Statistics, and Souls

Measuring progress often means statistics. And don’t get me wrong—I love statistics as much as any economic development professional. But progress also means touching and impacting real lives—the very souls of our Adams County residents. And dare I say—economic development’s got soul, as well. As [...]

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Reclaiming the Dream

Fewer people believe in the American dream. The belief that anyone, from any background, can work hard and be successful in business, in life, in home ownership—including that proverbial white picket fence… it’s vanishing. Only 36% of voters believe in this rags-to-riches scenario, according to [...]

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Press Release: Alliance Recaps 2023, Looks Forward to 2024

In 2023, a federal SBA 504 loan facilitated through Adams Economic Alliance helped small business owners Timbrel and Scott Wallace purchase the property at 17 Lincoln Square, which houses their popular gift shop, Lark – A Modern Marketplace. GETTYSBURG, PA (January 18, 2024) – Adams [...]

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How Invested Are You, in Your Community?

Community ties are a good thing, right? The New Year is always a natural time to reflect on our goals and lives, so I’m going to get a little philosophical with this column—but applied to Adams County of course! I was reflecting on the word [...]

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