Graphcom employees gather to celebrate the company’s recently-completed $3.9 million expansion and consolidation, adaptively reusing a former Orrtanna stairway manufacturing facility, aided by a low-interest $1.7 million state loan facilitated by Adams Economic Alliance.

Adaptive reuse project rehabs former Signature Stair Company

GETTYSBURG, PA (June 11, 2024) – Adams County marketing and printing firm Graphcom recently completed an $3.9 million development project, consolidating many of the company’s printing and warehousing operations while rehabilitating the former 10-acre Signature Stair Company’s Orrtanna manufacturing facility, aided by a low-interest $1.7 million state loan facilitated by Adams Economic Alliance.

The loan’s interest rate, fixed at 3.75% over 15 years, was processed through the Alliance’s Adams County Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC) and the Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority (PIDA), in partnership with ACNB Bank.

“Adaptive reuse is a wonderful development option, especially in Adams County where we strive to balance development with preservation, to achieve both business success and quality of life. We applaud Graphcom for their creativity—not only in their daily client work—but in repurposing a manufacturing facility that has sat unused since 2007. It’s always a joy to see properties come back to life and return to Adams County’s tax rolls,” said Robin Fitzpatrick, Alliance President.

Graphcom, founded in 1982, has grown to one of the region’s leading marketing firms, specializing in Mid-Atlantic healthcare, education and nonprofit clients; employing more than 100 employees and generating multi-million-dollar profits annually.

The acquisition and rehabilitation of the vacant, 20-year-old stair-making facility, featuring five buildings at 251 Silo Road, Orrtanna, reorganized Graphcom’s sprawling footprint over seven Adams and Frederick County properties, into two campuses now within Adams County: the company’s long-established main property at 1219 Chambersburg Road, Gettysburg, as well as the newly-rehabbed Orrtanna location. They are located four miles apart.

Graphcom president and CEO Matt Livelsberger said the project helps the company eliminate rental expense and logistical issues, while streamlining the company’s wide range of printing and production capabilities including signage and fabric printing, including flags.

“It’s a huge milestone for us to be able to move from the inefficient rental model and consolidate our business units for greater operational efficiency. It sets us up for a bright future, allowing us to stay in Adams County and continue growing,” said Livelsberger.

ACNB Bank worked in partnership with the Alliance and the PIDA loan program to provide the project’s additional lending support.

“Having the PIDA loan means a significant savings. We saw interest rates climbing throughout this process, but the Alliance was able to lock in our rate,” said Livelsberger.

“We are always thrilled to work with local lending partners to administer a unique blend of loan products that make the most sense for Adams County businesses. We continue to assist numerous businesses that are concerned about today’s rising interest rates, because fixed-rate PIDA loans can provide companies with peace-of-mind financing,” said Kaycee Kemper, Alliance Vice President.

Kemper encourages Adams County businesses of all sizes and industries to reach out to learn more about PIDA, as well as additional state and federal financing options.

“We felt so comfortable working with the Alliance because we’ve known them for so long, and we knew we could trust them to guide us through the process. They helped us, every step of the way,” Livelsberger said.

Graphcom’s loan marks the 153nd low-interest PIDA loan facilitated by ACEDC since 1996. The Alliance has assisted more than 200 Adams County businesses throughout its history, generating a grand total in excess of $430 million in PIDA financing, supporting the creation of more than 600 jobs and the retention of more than 1,600 jobs.

ACEDC is certified annually by DCED in order to process and administer loan and grant programs for Adams County’s businesses including those in the agricultural sector. Kemper can be reached at the Alliance at 717-334-0042, ext. 102.

It is the mission of the Adams Economic Alliance to develop and implement creative community-based strategies to enhance economic opportunity and foster a dynamic framework for balanced growth and development through the Adams County Economic Development Corporation, Adams County Industrial Development Authority and Adams County General Authority.

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