This column was originally published in the Gettysburg Times, December 9, 2021.

Tis the season to be thankful! Having recently gathered with friends and family with the specific intention of giving thanks, I am more mindful than ever of how very fortunate I am. My blessings are beyond everything I’d imagined they could be. I recently read a quote from Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the Captain of the US Airways Flight 1549. When asked how he was able to land the plane in New York’s Hudson River he explained that he’d been making daily deposits in the bank for more than 40 years.  That allowed him to make one huge withdrawal and save the lives of all the passengers and crew, which dubbed the incident “the Miracle on the Hudson.” In a world where so many of us desire and sometimes expect instant success or gratification, his words resonate with me. Everything for which I am thankful has taken years’ worth of daily deposits.

Many of those deposits have been made throughout my career with the Alliance, for which I am beyond thankful. Although this does not entail literally saving lives like Captain Sullenberger, we take it seriously.   There are three organizations under the Alliance umbrella, and each one of the boards are stacked with some of the best and brightest minds in Adams County. The talent, expertise, insights, wisdom, even humor, that these board members bring to the table is something rare and wonderful.

Likewise, every time an individual, municipality, nonprofit or business becomes an Alliance Investor (in our membership program), it is received with gratitude and the utmost respect. It’s an expression of reciprocal thanks and trust in the Alliance’s work for the greater good of Adams County’s economy.

Thank you to all who renewed or became new  Investors for 2022 thus far! And if you haven’t done so yet, then it gives me great pleasure to introduce several board members and allow them to tell you, in their own words, why the Alliance is vital—not only to them, but to all of Adams County:

Making Adams County the best place to live and work is a personal passion of mine. I love being able to serve my community and helping to make Adams County the shining star of Pennsylvania. It was an amazing honor to be asked to be on the board and now the executive committee. Being able to work with rockstars like Robin and Kaycee only make my time on the board even more special.

Ultimately, when Investors support the Alliance by becoming members, they are investing in a better tomorrow in Adams County. We are a diverse business community and by investing in the Alliance, members are getting a specialized plan to meet their unique needs. 

-Carrie Nace, Novak Strategic Solutions

The biggest resource that the Alliance offers the community is the broad range of programs, activities, and resources they are able to pull together in one place to serve the community. Whether it’s agriculture, economic development, workforce education and training, grants, etc., they seem to know about it and can help you in some way. Some examples include:

  • They don’t just promote Adams County as a place for business; they promote Adams County as a way of life and, from what I’ve seen since I’ve been here, that is one thing that everyone agrees on—maintaining the way of life in Adams County while continuing to support businesses and growth.  
  • When pandemic money became available, they were there to help businesses get their applications submitted.  
  • They have been working on the very complex, nationwide problem of broadband internet access for rural areas.
  • They work with the South Central PA Works workforce investment board, and their own information, to identify workforce needs and promote getting high school students connected to local companies.

-Shawn Eckenrode, Administrative Director, Adams County Technical Institute

Membership in the Alliance offers your business a wealth of information from our dedicated staff. Robin Fitzpatrick and Kayce Kemper can provide your business with a wealth of information concerning federal, state and local programs that might be available to assist your business. If you are not a current member, we invite you to become a part of the Alliance family, and we look forward to assisting your business in any way we can.

-Ron Hankey, Adams County Economic Development Corporation Board Member     

To become a 2022 Alliance Investor, see—we look forward to welcoming you!

Robin Fitzpatrick is President of Adams Economic Alliance, which comprises three organizations: The Adams County Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC), the Adams County Industrial Development Authority (ACIDA) and the Adams County General Authority (ACGA). For more information, see, or follow us on Twitter (@AdamsAlliance), Facebook ( and LinkedIn (Adams Economic Alliance).